Guns of Icarus Online is a team-based multiplayer online airship combat game. Captain or serve as crew aboard an airship with your friends and fly into battle against other ships in a steam/dieselpunk-inspired, post-apocalyptic world. Each player takes on one of the three roles aboard the ship—Captain, Gunner, or Engineer—and must work together to take down enemies and keep the ship flying. The game is all about teamwork, tactics, and fast-paced action.

Guns of Icarus Online has two primary game modes: Skirmish Mode and Alliance Mode.

Gameplay Manual while we update the website.
Skirmish Mode

This is the PvP combat arena mode. Skirmishes are spontaneous and constant conflicts that sprout up across the world in Guns of Icarus Online. It could be a border conflict here or a local trade dispute there—all that matters is that a fight is brewing.  Skirmish Mode features multiple game types (deathmatch, VIP, control point), a selection of customizable ships, and limited player progression with achievement-based equipment (skill) unlocks.

Alliance Mode

Alliance Mode is an upcoming DLC for Guns of Icarus Online that will offer new features and game modes, but more importantly it will feature PvE combat. Gameplay is the same where you and your friends crew and airship together. However, instead of fighting other humans in an intense PvP scenario, you will now be fighting against an AI controlled team that will consist of airships, aeroplanes, and awesome bosses.

We are also adding in Factions. Choose a faction to fight for, each has their own view of the world. Unlock faction related costumes, weapons, and airships. Factions will fight each other over territories on a persistent world map. Your actions will eventually coincide with game-changing events and wars, where your decisions will be recorded in the annals of Guns of Icarus history. Join us and writing the future of the Guns of Icarus lore.

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